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Faculty/Staff Mini-Grant Program


The purpose of the Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini-Grant Program is to provide funding assistance for projects that were not covered in the regular College program budget, but prove to be beneficial to our YCCC students and corporate clients.

The aim of this program is to financially assist faculty and staff in their efforts to:

  • Improve access and support educational opportunities that encourage students to enhance their lives thus becoming assets to the community.
  • Develop community collaborations that promote an awareness of YCCC and enhance the college’s reputation in the community, the state and the nation.
  • Support a professional development plan to which the applicant has committed his/her resources.
  • Encourage educational innovation.
  • Support the college's strategic plan.


Amount available:

Each year, the YCCC Foundation Finance Committee will determine a budget for the Mini-Grant Program. The maximum amount to be awarded for any project is $500, but projects for less than that amount are invited as well.


Who can submit proposals?  

Faculty and adjunct faculty, staff, students with faculty/staff sponsorship and supervision may submit proposals.


Application deadlines:

October 7 (for projects from October 16 - January 31, 2014)

March 1 (for projects from April 1 - June 30, 2014)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Review/Award Process: 

Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation Faculty/Staff Mini-Grant Program Committee and recommended to and awarded by the Foundation Board of Directors.


All applicants will be asked to attend the Board Relations Committee meeting to answer questions and clarify proposals. The October Award meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 9th begining at 3:15pm.  You will be notified of the exact time an location. 


Here is a Sample of Approved Mini-Grants (pdf).


Criteria: Proposals for the following are eligible for consideration

  • The improvement of existing courses and programs, or the development of innovative teaching techniques and new instructional materials.

  • The acquisition of equipment, materials, and supplies needed to improve curriculum, procedures, or other functions of the college.

  • The improvement of student services, the learning environment, job placement, or any other aspect of student life as it relates to the college.

  • The planning of new courses of study or the evaluation of existing courses and programs.

  • The development of appropriate vehicles to showcase talents and accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff.

  • Professional development to enhance faculty/staff current responsibilities or develop new student opportunities.

  • To sponsor special activities or programs for students such as field trips, lectures, or arts events. 

  • Funds must be expended in the project cycle awarded.

  • All applications must be signed by the applicant and approved by the applicant's supervisor as well as the division head indicating concurrence before turing into the Foundation Office.



  • Support is not available for faculty/staff professional development leading to a degree or certificate.

  • Repeat proposals will not be considered unless the first proposal has been completed and a final report has been submitted.
  • Repeat proposals will not be considered more than twice.
  • Cannot be used to reimburse employees or the college for expenses/projects that have already occurred before the award date.

  • Support is not available for cash awards/prizes; compensation to the applicant; and mileage reimbursement.

  • Applications that are not complete and/or do not follow the appropriate format/length will not be considered.



  • A final report is due to the Foundation Office 60 days after the completion of the project.

  • Include project description, evaluation and final budget report

  • Applicant and supervisor must sign off on the final report


Application Form


Grant Project Budget


Final Report


For more information you may contact the Office of Institutional Advancment/Liz Fitzgerald at 207-216-4466. 



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