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Online Education at YCCC


Looking to save money on gas?


Interested in taking a class but can’t get to campus?


Trying to work and finish your degree at the same time?

Online courses offer you the flexibility to complete your weekly assignments at the time and place that are most convenient for you! We offer a number of online and hybrid classes allowing you to complete courses around your own schedule. Since they are offered over the internet, you can access these courses at your convenience anytime of day or night. 
Students who have  taken online courses find them to be challenging and academically rigorous:
“I have always been one that enjoys working independently and making my own schedule. I thoroughly enjoyed taking courses online due to the challenge that it presents in respect to pushing me to better levels of motivation and ambition.”
“People I know tend to think that online courses are easier than regular classroom courses; I would tell them to be prepared for it to be just as challenging as a regular classroom setting.”

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If you are interested in registering for an online course, contact Enrollment Services at (207) 216-4402, (207) 216-4403 or (207) 216-4401. If you have questions about how an online class fits your schedule, contact the Admissions Office at (207)216-4409.


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