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Personal Finance

 Personal credit has become increasingly important as the world around us grows and becomes more technologically advanced. A lot of what we do is determined by our credit score.


Your credit is far more than a record of your borrowing habits - people also use your credit to judge your character. While many people understand that loan terms depend on their credit, many people do not understand the other ways that credit affects their lives. Depending on your credit, you may be more or less attractive as a job candidate or insurance-policy holder.


Knowing how to budget and use credit to your advantage is a very powerful tool and the following websites are designed to help you achieve financial success.




Federal Reserve Consumer Help

Help with my bank.com




Budget Worksheet

Creating a Budget

 Credit Cards/Debt Management


7 Techniques to Stop Using Credit Cards

Feed the Pig (Getting out of and avoiding debt)

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

Opt Out of pre-approved credit cards

Responsible Credit Card Use




Annual Credit Report (FREE!!!)

FICO Score Estimator (FREE!!!)




*30% of employers will check a credit report




SEC explains Mutual Funds

Student Loans 


IBRinfo IBR repayment plan information

NSLDS student loan database

Ombudsman Department

Repayment information/options

Sallie Mae Loan Repayment Calculator


 Ways to Save


Ebates cash back for your online shopping

Freecycle get and give away stuff for free





 Internet Resources:


 Bankrate information on a variety of financial information

 Consumer Reports latest ratings on thousands of products (must be a member)

 IRS.gov (Internal Revenue Service) tax information
 MyMoney government site covering topics from paying for education to handling life events
 Mint.com (site to manage all your accounts)
 Yahoo Personal Finance- links to articles
 You Can Deal With It (Loans, Credit Cards, Money and more)
 Young Money articles on a variety of financial topics




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