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North*Star TRIO Student Support Services

Students who qualify for the North*Star TRIO project are offered a range of free services all aimed at helping you succeed in classes, stay in school, and graduate in less than four years.

North*Star TRIO Student Support Services helps students who meet at least one of the following criteria: are first generation college students (which means that the natural or adopted parents they lived with while growing up didn’t have bachelor degrees) or are low income or have a documented disability. North*Star TRIO Student Support Services is funded to serve 175 students per year.



Services include:


·         August "Rising Stars" pre-college course that helps new students be ready when classes start;

·         individual academic tutoring available at YCCC six days a week with additional tutoring locations in Sanford and Biddeford on an as needed basis;

·         Mentoring to help students be organized and stay on track;

·         help with finding funds for college, and learning to manage your money well;

·         university campus tours, off campus cultural events, and transfer assistance



The North*Star Community includes: first year students challenged by basic Math classes; people with multiple family and work responsibilities; new high school and adult education graduates; older displaced workers who have been out of school for years; students who were not motivated or organized before starting college; and experienced scholars who have earned the very highest honors at YCCC -- all supported by a strong staff and each other as they continue through graduation.



Office Hours:

Monday - Friday     8am to 4:30pm

After 4:30pm by appointment 


Check our calendar to see what's happening now.

North*Star is funded by the U.S. Department of Education's TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program.

For more information about qualifying for North*Star TRIO, please contact us at northstar@yccc.edu or (207) 216-4426. Our office is located in room A214.


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