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Accuplacer Assessment

As part of the admissions and enrollment process and to ensure academic success, YCCC uses the Accuplacer Placement Assessment to provide information for enrollment in the appropriate courses which meet student skill and knowledge level. The assessment determines placement in Mathematics and English courses, and may also determine placement in other courses.

Maine Community College System Accuplacer Common Cut Scores

Maine’s seven community colleges have adopted the following common cut scores for the College Board’s Accuplacer placement tests.

 Elementary Algebra  75
 Reading  68
 Sentence Skills  74
 Write Placer  6

These scores indicate that a student is qualified for college level work at one of Maine’s community colleges. However, some programs of study have additional requirements. For example, for some programs, a student must have completed certain high school courses or an applicant must complete additional testing. Students are encouraged to contact individual colleges in order to determine if a program that interests them has any additional requirements above and beyond the Accuplacer.

The Accuplacer placement test is a computer assessment that is not timed. Students answer questions in the areas of arithmetic, elementary algebra, reading comprehension, and sentence skills. Participants are not allowed to use a calculator on the math sections of the assessment except when the test provides an on-screen calculator for certain problems.

While preparation is not required to take the assessment, it is highly encouraged. The results of the assessment are used to determine which courses are most appropriate for a student to prevent taking courses that are either too easy or too difficult. The tests are not graded on a scale of 100. The college uses various cut-off scores to determine whether a student will need refresher courses or test directly into college math and English courses.

Based on the results of the assessment, a student may be required to complete math and/or English courses that are not part the chosen program curriculum. As a result, programs may be extended to better prepare for program-specific courses. This means that enrollment in program-specific/technology courses may be delayed by one year. Questions or concerns regarding this policy should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Each year, the college reviews Accuplacer cut-off scores for placement of students in appropriate courses. These cut-off scores may change during the year as new information and courses are added. Individuals wishing to know the cut-off scores for mathematics and English are directed to the Admissions Office for the current Accuplacer scores for their programs of study.

Important Note: Refresher math and English courses with course number lower than 100 will not count towards graduation.

The following sites offer preparation assistance for the Accuplacer test:

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