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Online Learning Landing pageYork County Community College offers courses, programs and support services in variety of formats and schedules to meet the different needs of students. Our online and hybrid courses and programs are offered during the traditional 15 week semester and during the accelerated terms.

YCCC is approved by the state of Maine to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA). Learn more…

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What are online courses like? Online courses at YCCC are offered on the internet through an online learning management system, which means that you can complete your weekly assignments at the time and place that is most convenient for you! Standard classroom books and printed materials are typically used in combination with online lectures, weekly learning activities, and interactive class discussions.

Just as every classroom differs slightly, so does the distance learning experience. Some courses have formal lectures that are entirely text-based, while other lectures may contain a combination of text, graphics, sound and video. Many instructors divide course content into highly interactive units that consist of group discussions and other types of learning activities. In all classes, you will communicate with your instructor and fellow students through electronic discussion board postings and e-mail.

How do I know if I am the right kind of student for an online class?  In order to take an online course, you will need basic computer skills such as word processing, sending and receiving e-mail, and attaching and downloading files. The content and rigor of online courses requires students to be self-motivated and disciplined; successful online students also possess excellent time management skills! Take our survey to find out if online learning is right for you!

Do I need special software or internet access? All of our online classes are conducted by using Blackboard™ which is an internet-based interface and fully online so you don’t need any special software.  However, you will need reliable and fast internet service to access your class frequently!

What is Blackboard? Blackboard is the online learning management system that instructors use to create a virtual classroom. Students registered for online courses can login to their course at any time of the day.  Blackboard provides many video tutorials for you to learn how to use this learning management system.

Does it matter if I have a Mac or a PC? No.  Since online classes are conducted through the internet it doesn’t matter what operating system you use.  In fact, Blackboard runs consistently with any internet browser (i.e. Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc.).

Is there a mobile app I can use with Blackboard?  Yes. The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn application gives students quick access to their courses on a variety of mobile devices including Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone OS.  There is a one-time fee associated with this application.

How long is the semester? Online courses have the same start and end dates as classes offered on-campus. You will be able to login to your online class on the first day of the semester.

When does the class meet? Online courses are conducted “asynchronously.” This means that you can access your course at your convenience and at any time of the day. Most instructors establish a participation schedule at the start of the course, but it is recommended that you log-in to your course at least four to five times a week.

What is a hybrid course? A hybrid course is a combination of classroom instruction and online learning. Hybrid classes typically meet on-campus once a week for approximately an hour and a half with additional activities assigned in Blackboard.

Will I need a textbook? Yes. You can purchase textbooks through the YCCC Bookstore, and they will ship them directly to you!  To find out what textbook your class requires, visit the course schedule, choose the semester you’re registered for, select your class, and then click on “link”.

How do I turn in assignments?  When are assignments due? How will I take tests? While all online courses follow different schedules and instructor expectations vary, you should expect to complete several informal activities and formal assignments on a frequent basis. Consult your course syllabus and/or course calendar to find information about specific due dates.  Click here to find out more about the parts of an online class.

How do I register for an online course? Registration for online courses is the same as any other course at YCCC. Students may register in person, online, or by phone (216-4409). To get started at YCCC, apply online.

Is there help for online classes? Our YCCC Blackboard Online Orientation is always available and provides video tutorials, printable resources and common technical resolutions.

During the first week of every semester, we offer on-campus workshops for students in online, hybrid and/or companion courses.  The “Just-In-Time: Online” workshops cover online class navigation, understanding course expectations and goal setting to help you get started in the online learning environment.

Students can also schedule an on-campus or Skype appointment with our Online Success Coach for assistance.  FMI: contact the Learning Center at

What if I started an online class but I can’t login?  If you have any technical or login problems, email  Please provide your name and student ID number for the most expedient response.

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Are you thinking about taking an online course? You can check out a sample course by clicking on the “Blackboard Login Link” below and then entering the username and password: studentguest. Note: If you are enrolled in a YCCC online course, after viewing this sample course you must log out of Blackboard before you can logon using your regular username and password. Blackboard Login  Blackboard Login 
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