11th Edition of “Pens and Keystrokes”

posted in Student Life on May 19th, 2015

English Department Chair Dr. Dianne Fallon edited the first edition of Pens & Keystrokes 14 years ago, and has worked with students, staff and faculty to publish the magazine almost every year since then. “Students here produce really interesting writing,” Fallon said. “When we first began to offer an elective creative writing class, and I saw what students were writing, I wanted to provide a showcase for their work.” Making a living as a creative writer has never been easy, Fallon observed, but creating something from nothing is a tangible achievement worth sharing. “I like to remind students that when they write a sonnet, or an amazing memoir, they are doing something that most people have never accomplished.”

Much of the writing in the magazine is generated by students taking ENG 201, Creative Writing, or ENG 205, Creative Non-fiction, but Pens & Keystrokes accepts submissions from all students, as well as from staff and faculty. “Every spring, the goal of submitting a piece to the magazine inspires at least a couple of students to write something that’s been hanging around in their mind for a while,” Fallon said. “It’s great to have a forum.”

For students interested in writing professionally, the English Department offers a writing and editing internship each spring, in which students earn credit while interning at a business or organization focused on writing. This past semester, a student interned at the York County Coast Star. “The good news is that there are many opportunities today to make a living as a writer,” Fallon said. “Thanks to the internet, the demand for written content has exploded. So even if only one in a 1000 writers publishes a novel, many more can make a living using words and ideas.”

To view and/or download this year’s Pens & Keystrokes click here.