COVID-19 Information

As we navigate the changes, challenges and yes, opportunities brought on by COVID-19, YCCC remains focused on the health and safety of our students, employees, and communities.

Vaccination and Booster Requirements

June 22, 2022

Effective immediately, as a condition of enrollment and attendance, all learners, with the exception of learners enrolled exclusively in on-line courses who will not be physically accessing Maine Community College System (MCCS) owned or controlled indoor spaces, shall provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19, subject to the medical exemption recognized under applicable laws. Learners will be required to provide proof of receipt of at least one dose of a vaccination prior to attending their first in-person class and provide proof of any required second dose by the start of the following semester.

Further, boosters are strongly recommended for all learners but not required at this time, however, the System President is authorized to enact a booster requirement, based on CDC guidance and in consultation with the College Presidents, to maintain the safety of the Colleges.

This resolution will remain in effect until June 30, 2023.

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Face Covering Protocols

In light of new masking recommendations, the YCCC’s Wells and Sanford campuses will be mask optional beginning on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022. The health and safety of our faculty, staff, and students remain our top priority.

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Suggested Technology for Students/Required Technology for Online Students

YCCC students registered for online courses are required to have regular access to a computer and a reliable internet connection, which in many cases can be covered by financial aid. The computer requirement is to help ensure access to online courses via Brightspace, software and other electronic course materials, as well as access to online and virtual academic student support including tutoring, research assistance and the online success coach, which all contribute to student success.

College courses cannot be completed with a phone or tablet so students should consider technology access for both online and on-campus courses . YCCC will provide students free access to Microsoft Office 365. YCCC utilizes a Microsoft Windows Environment for most of its classes, when buying a computer, it may be beneficial to purchase a Windows laptop or desktop.

Computer Suggestion for Most Majors*:
i3 – i5 Computer
4-8 GB of RAM
Standard Video Card
256GB-1TB of Hard Drive Space
Backup Solution (Portable Hard Drive or USB Drive)

Computer Suggestions for Digital Media, Architectural and Engineering Design and Precision Machining Majors:
i5 – i7 Computer
8-16GB of RAM
4-8GB Video Card
500GB-2TB of Hard Drive space
Backup solution (Portable Hard Drive
or USB Drive)

Tech Promise Program for Students

In many cases, technology needs can be covered by financial aid. But for our students who may need help meeting the technical needs to participate in courses online, MCCS and YCCC have “Tech Promise ” to make sure new and current students have the technology and support they need to achieve academic success.

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