2018 Annual Report and Newsletter

I hope you take a few minutes and enjoy the success and ongoing work of the greatest asset in York County…York County Community College. As Chair of the YCCC Foundation Board, it is my pleasure to present to you the YCCC/YCCCF Newsletter and Annual Report. This year we have chosen to make the report a combination College/Foundation report so you can further see how the YCCC Foundation supports the students of YCCC. Please take a few minutes and help celebrate our results from last year and our embrace our future directions.

Nearly 65% of YCCC students receive some type of financial assistance. Our students cannot make it without your help, which means your financial support is essential. Please show your backing for a strong York County by contributing whatever you can to help our students get the education they need to secure lasting employment and helping YCCC succeed for all of us.

Thank you,
Jim Fitzgerald
Chair, York County Community College Foundation