Our New Facility

final exterior view frontWhen York County Community College opened the doors to its 78,000-square-foot building in 2001, the college served 700 students. By 2009 the building had exceeded its intended capacity of 1,100 students. Since then, the college has seen enrollment grow by 22% to nearly 1,700 students.

YCCC’s dramatic growth has placed serious constraints on its ability to serve both current and  prospective students.

After nearly a decade of planning, the college is poised to begin construction on a second academic building.

The new building will:

  • enable the college to expand to serve a total of 2,400 students;
  • be devoted to teaching and learning;
  • include a combination of standard and flexible classrooms, a lecture and performance hall, and study areas for both individual and small group work;
  • allow the college to add new academic programs in areas of high demand; and
  • make it possible for the College to build on its focused efforts to improve student success through the creation of a developmental mathematics and language arts laboratory dedicated to providing individualized and self-paced instruction in a cutting-edge format.

In short, the new facility will increase access to higher education for many more residents of York County, bringing greater promise and prosperity

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