Our History and Current Efforts

York County Community College was founded in 1994 in partnership with the local business community in answer to a clear need for a skilled workforce and greater educational opportunity.

Since then, YCCC has expanded at an astonishing rate. From its first class of 156 students, the  college has educated over 20,000 medical technologists, accountants, precision machinists, computer experts, chefs, and tradespeople who have entered the local workforce, fueled our economy, and improved the quality of life in our community.

YCCC has twice been named one of the fastest growing two-year colleges in the nation. As  enrollment has grown, so, too, have program and course offerings. Throughout the school’s history, YCCC has provided educational access to a diverse population. Students range in age from 16 to 75, with an average age of 27.

Many come to YCCC to prepare for direct employment in the local economy through the college’s trade, technical and occupational programs. Others find that YCCC provides affordable, convenient access to higher education leading to transfer to four-year degree programs.

Approximately 45% of those who attend YCCC are first generation college students and nearly half live at or below the federal poverty level.

The YCCC Foundation was founded in association with the College to assist in funding scholarships, programs, new initiatives, student success and construction efforts. Since its founding, we have successfully completed 3 Capital Campaigns which established our current facility and funded important programs such as the Student Success Commons, Library, Culinary Lab, Sanford Instructional Site and more.

We are proud to have supported the hard working students of YCCC with over 450 scholarships, totaling over $200,000, in just the last five years. The Foundation has also provided financial support to strengthen programming, teaching resources, and various strategic initiatives at the college.

Now, the Foundation is pleased to be able to play a key role in helping the college expand to serve even more members of our community through both its credit and non-credit offerings.

York County and YCCC are poised for growth. To achieve their full potential, the college and the county will need to continue their strong partnership.

Employers across the region are dependent on the college to ensure a skilled and innovative workforce. At the same time, the college is dependent on each of us to support its critical mission.

We invite you to join us as we work in partnership to help ensure a strong and vibrant future for YCCC and for all of York County.

For more information about the YCCC Foundation please contact Barbara Owen at bowen@yccc.edu