Early College

Early College is an opportunity for high school and home-schooled students who wish to experience a college classroom, explore career options, and earn both high school and college credit at the same time!


Options are:
Aspirations Program* – Courses are free to eligible students – 12 credits/year. (See Eligibility Below)

YCCC Reduced Rate* – Additional courses not covered by Aspirations are half priced at $48 per credit and no fees. Limited to two course per year at this rate.

YCCC Reduced Rate* – Non-Resident High School Students – $96 per credit plus fees.

The Aspirations program is sponsored by the Maine Department of Education, which reimburses YCCC for the tuition portion of up to 12 credits per academic year. (For the purpose of billing, any summer term course starting after July 1 is considered part of the upcoming fall billing period). In an effort to promote affordability and access to college, York County Community College waives remaining course-related fees making these courses free to the student.

*Students are responsible for the cost of books and transportation.

Eligibility Requirements:

Aspirations Program Eligibility
Maine public high school students (also referred to as secondary students) must meet certain qualifying requirements to be eligible to participate in the Aspirations Program. High School (Secondary), public school students and qualifying home-schooled students may be considered eligible to participate if they meet the following:
• Minimum high school grade point average of at least a 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0), or the equivalent of a “B” average or, in lieu of a 3.0, they are recommended for participation by a school unit’s administration (see exception statement below)
• The eligible institution has determined that the student has satisfactorily completed any course prerequisites;
• The school unit approves;
• The student’s parent or caregiver approves; and
• The eligible institution has space available for the secondary student

Exception – Student Eligibility
A secondary public school or home-schooled student who does not meet the grade point eligibility requirements, or is a first or second-year student (freshman or sophomore), is eligible to participate if:
• The student has received a recommendation to participate from the student’s school administration or teacher following an assessment of the student by the school administration; and
• The student has been approved for participation by an eligible institution.