Ready for College?

landing Page students at tableTo qualify for Admission, you’ll need to have successfully completed high school or received your HISET or GED. We offer rolling admissions prior to the September, January or Summer semesters. As

As part of the admissions and enrollment process and to ensure academic success, YCCC uses the Accuplacer Placement Assessment to provide information for enrollment in the appropriate courses which meet student skill and knowledge level. The assessment determines placement in Mathematics and English courses, and may also determine placement in other courses.

Maine Community College College Ready Scores

College English (ENG 101):
PSAT/SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing: 480+
ACT: 18+
Next Gen Accuplacer: Combined 500 Reading & Writing (Reading minimum: 233)
HISET: 15+ in Language Arts & Writing

MAT 127 College Algebra:
Next Gen Accuplacer Quantitative Reasoning: 250-275
ACT: 19+
HISET Mathematics: 15+

MAT122 Finite Math/MAT 109 Elements of Math:
/SAT Math: 450+
Next Gen Quantitative Reasoning: 230-249
ACT: 17+
HISET Mathematics: 15+
MAT 102 Basic Statistics: MAT 050/MAT 065 or Next Gen Arithmetic: 250+

The following sites offer test preparation assistance:

To discuss how to meet your educational goals here at YCCC, please schedule an appointment with our Admissions staff by calling 800.580-3820 or 207.216.4409 today.