Transfer to YCCC

Will My Prior Credits Count at YCCC?

Let the YCCC Admissions team review a copy of all of your prior college transcripts  by sending them to Let us know what YCCC degree you are interested in so we can show you how close you are to completing a degree. Typically, credits from an accredited college or university with a grade of “C” or higher and fit the YCCC degree program will transfer in.

How Do I Get My Prior Credits to YCCC?

Send all prior official transcripts to YCCC Admissions. The registrar will transfer them in.  Electronic transcripts sent to will be received faster than transcripts sent through regular mail.

Click here for information on how to receive credit for all types of Prior Learning.

Reverse Credit Transfer

You can earn your associate’s degree or certificate while you pursue your bachelor’s degree.

 To learn more about the MCCS Reverse Credit Transfer Option click HERE

Transfer Credits Between Maine Community Colleges

If you have taken a course at a community college in Maine, this Course Equivalency Matrix provides a quick reference guide to show how your prior general education courses will count.

Other Prior Learning Credits

You may be eligible to receive credit for learning earned outside of the college setting. The college awards credit for examinations based on current American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. Click here to see if you can get credit for what you know. Get Credit for What You Know