COVID-19 Emergency Funds Requests

Please complete all questions. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

YCCC currently has two types of emergency funds for students to consider.  You may choose the one that meets your needs:

CRRSA Act Grant:

This application is for students who are attending YCCC and experiencing a COVID-19 emergency. These federal funds can be used towards any component of the students cost of attendance such as tuition and fees, course materials, food, housing, health care (including mental health), technology, childcare, transportation, etc. APPLY: Log into your YCCC Portal:, then click on “Campus Services”, then “Financial Aid” on the left vertical tool bar, then “CRRSA Act”.


Emergency Grant

This application is for students who are attending and generally have a non-COVID-19 emergency. These institutional funds can be used towards food, housing, health care, childcare, transportation. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

NOTE: YCCC also recommends you consider these other community resources as you may qualify CLICK HERE.

To see how YCCC has spent CARES and CRRSAA funds, please CLICK HERE.