Getting Started

From here you can go anywhere.  We know there are as many reasons to choose YCCC as there are students at YCCC. Whatever your goals are for your education, YCCC is your place to open a new door to your future.

This page is designed to help you access all of the information you need to GET STARTED at YCCC.  Choose the role that best matches you!


First Time College Student
Whether you are 18 and right out of high school, or 38 and looking to begin your education, YCCC has an affordable and flexible program designed to meet your unique needs.

Register as a non-Degree Seeking Student
(Just one or two courses)

1. Check out the course schedule to determine which course you would like to take.

2. Read the course description to make sure that you meet any pre-requisites that may be required for that course. If you have taken the pre-requisite at another institution, you can send an unofficial copy of your transcript to

3. Call 207.216.4414 or 207.216.4402 to register for the course of your choice OR Click HERE to complete our online form and a member of our Enrollment Services team will contact you.  You will be required to pay for the course at the time of registration, so please make sure to have your credit card ready.

High School Student
If you are currently in High School YCCC offers comprehensive programs that can help you earn college credit while you are still in high school. Learn more…
Transfer to YCCC
If you are one of the estimated 160,000 Mainers with some college credit but no degree you can finish up your degree at YCCC. Learn more…

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