Meet Katie Rankin YCCC’s Criminal Justice Student of the Month

posted in Criminal Justice on April 4th, 2016

Katie RankinKatie!  Thank you for agreeing to be our final CJ Major of the Month for this academic year. Can you tell us what interested you about the CJ program?  Hi there!  There were a lot of things that interested me about the criminal justice program at YCCC.  I have wanted to be a police officer for the longest time and I wanted to attend a college that was local so I went with YCCC.  I loved the selection of criminal justice classes that were available at the time, there were quite a few to choose from.  The first class I took was Intro to Criminal Justice with Police Chief Anthony Bean-Burpee.  I was hooked from then on.

You are about to finish up your degree and I know math has been a bit of a headache for you. Any suggestions for students who aren’t “mathletes” on how to get those math classes done?  Math…My greatest enemy.  It has been one heck of a bumpy ride.  All I can say is if you aren’t that great at math, get it done as soon as you can and don’t wait until the last minute like I did.  I figured that if I waited until I completed all my other classes, I would have time to focus on JUST math.  Didn’t work out that way.  Study hard, get to the learning center and if you REALLY struggle, get a tutor.  That’s what I had to do.

I know you are pretty busy working on math homework or working at your job. The question is, how do you spend those 30 minutes you have to yourself each week?  Haha, those 30 minutes are spent wisely.  When I’m not busy with work or homework I try to spend as much time with my family as possible.  I barely see them because of my schedule.  If I am not with my family  you can find me in the gym weightlifting.

What are your plans after your graduate from YCCC in May?  After I graduate, I’m hoping that I will be able to get hired by a local police department and start working as a police officer.  I also plan on moving to Florida at some point so I may pursue work in the criminal justice field down there.  Police work or corrections would be  awesome as I start my career but I have a million things I hope to accomplish after I graduate that would take too long to list here.

When you become a Police Chief or Prison Warden will you hire me as your secretary?  The job is yours! 

Thank you, Katie. It is nice to know I have options if I don’t win Powerball.

Any words of wisdom, shout outs, final thoughts?  Shout out to my math tutor, Mary.  A million thanks to her for helping me with my math classes.  Shout out to my parents for always supporting me and giving me confidence.  And shout out to you, Tracey for being the awesome instructor that you are and for keeping me motivated.