Meet Our May BHS Student of the Month – Kayla Britt

posted in Behavioral Health Studies on May 6th, 2016

Kayla Britt _ BHS_May 16 Student of the Month

Kayla Britt and her dog Tiva!

What made you decide to apply to the BHS program? After studying psychology for a couple of years at another college, I was looking for a school that was a great fit for my busy lifestyle and an affordable program that would qualify me to start working in the field as soon as possible. When I read about the BHS program online, I was excited because this program embedded the MHRT certificate required to work in Maine. Plus YCCC’S flexibility in transferring my college credits put a career I am passionate about within my reach much sooner than I anticipated! To top it all off, my advisor/professor from my previous school, Cathleen Ferrick helped to develop this program, so I am very happy to have her continued support during my time here!

What are some favorite courses you’ve taken so far? So far, my favorite class is Addictions and Substance Abuse. It was so interesting to learn about the effects of an array of psychoactive substances and this class gave me a better understanding of the neuroscience of addiction, which is such an important mental health issue in New England today. I also really enjoyed taking Introduction to Counseling. Getting a chance to practice therapeutic techniques has been vital to other areas of my education, including my internship.

Tell us about your internship! What an amazing experience it has been working as an intern for Sequel Care of Maine! This organization provides community-based behavioral health services to children and adults, focusing on developing skills as well as increasing independence and community involvement. Sequel Care provided the training necessary for me to become a certified Behavioral Health Professional and gave me the opportunity to work independently with a client in the community and shadow professionals working in the field as supervisors, case managers, and clinicians. What I love most about Sequel is that they provide compassionate care with a strengths-based approach, seeking to build upon the unique positive qualities of each client. My internship helped confirm that this is the field for me and gave me a new level of confidence in my professional abilities!

What are your plans for after graduation (both short term and long term)? I plan to graduate next Spring and transfer to the University of Southern Maine to complete my Bachelor’s degree in psychology, while working in the field as a Behavioral Health Professional. My long term goals are to graduate with a Master’s in Social Work, complete an Art Therapy certification program, and provide counseling services in Maine.

Do you have any advice for students just beginning their BHS degree? Thanks to the BHS program I have grown so much as a student and professional in the last year! So, my advice for new students is to take advantage of the great opportunities at YCCC to gain professional skills and experience and network with professionals in the field through internships.