Meet YCCC’s Behavioral Health Studies Student of the Month

posted in Behavioral Health Studies on February 25th, 2016

Marica Walker BHS Student of the monthWe are pleased to announce that Marica Walker has been nominated as the February Behavioral Health Studies Student of the Month.  Marcia is extremely deserving of this honor, she is an excellent student as well as being involved on campus as the president of the Psychology/Behavioral Health Club.  Marcia is currently finishing the coursework she needs in order to graduate in May as well as taking part in the internship program.

What drew you to the Behavioral Health Studies Program?   I have always worked with people, primarily adults with disabilities.  At one point I was working with an adult male who had Downs syndrome.  We were at a restaurant and the server asked me what he wanted for lunch instead of talking to him. The world needs to look beyond the disability and see the person who has worth and is not any different than you and I.   Behavioral Health seemed like the best way to continue working in this field and hopefully change some of the stigma related to both psychological and physical disabilities

What are some favorite classes you’ve taken and why have you liked them?  One of my favorite classes was Psychosocial Rehabilitation. I loved the class because we worked in groups on a case study and really did the in-depth work of finding the services the client needed, as well as understanding things like what insurance would cover and how their psychiatric illness impacted their family.  I enjoyed that it was interactive and really helped me understand what it would be like to work in the field. Another favorite was Introduction to Exceptionality, it hit me personally as someone raising two kids with special needs and gave me information about what kinds of help schools are supposed to be offering.

You are the president of the Psychology/BHS Club this year, what activities has the BHS/Psychology Club done so far and what is planned for the remainder of the year?  The club has had several guest speakers come to campus to talk about job opportunities in the human service field.  We also sponsored an art therapy mask making activity open to all students and held a bake/craft sale fund raiser.  We will be having another bake sale this semester to raise money for a Wellness Day to be held in April.  The focus of this day will be on both self-care and how to help others.  We will be offering educational information but also hope to have an assortment of other activities, for instance an adult coloring book area and a tea table.

I know you are currently doing an internship, where are you interning and what are you doing there?   I am interning at the Center for Grieving Children co-leading family grief groups for children of various ages.  I am also assisting with a bi-weekly bereavement group.  I just completed the thirty hour training and that alone has been so valuable.  I’ve learned a lot that will help me both as a group facilitator and also in my own life.

Do you have plans for after graduation?  I am graduating in May and am hoping to find a job in the school system as an Education Technician as well as volunteering for the Caring Unlimited crisis hotline.  I am also considering returning to YCCC to obtain my Gerontology degree.

Do you have any advice for BHS students just starting out?  My advice would be to make the most of your time here and really get as much as you can out of your classes. There is a reason for all of the classes that are required (even math!) and also for the way they are sequenced.

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