Meet YCCC’s Criminal Justice Student of the Month – Brian Rollins

posted in Uncategorized on September 15th, 2015

BrianRollinsCJWhy did you decide to enroll at YCCC?
The CJ program here at YCCC intrigued me, originally for the articulation agreement with Unity College that was just recently put into place.

What class has been your favorite so far and which class are you looking forward to taking this year?
Ethics in CJ has been my favorite class so far here at YCCC. This class forces you to look at your integrity and decision making, which are both key components in the field of Law Enforcement.
I am looking forward to taking both criminal law as well as criminal investigations; I see both of these classes as being very beneficial as well as entertaining

You are returning to YCCC after a summer walking the gritty streets of Portland as a police cadet. How was that experience?
My summer as a Cadet for the Portland Police Dept. was nothing shy of entertaining. I gained great knowledge and real world experience from this job* to hear more you can grab a copy of my final paper!

What are your interests outside of Criminal Justice?
I have many interests outside of Criminal Justice which include, hunting, fishing and photography.

Can you tell us about your plans after you graduate in May?
My plans have changed slightly since last time on campus. I’m currently in the process of enlisting in the Navy. It is my hope to enlist as a Master at Arms.

Do you think you will be able to out run the paparazzi when they find out you are the CJ student of the month?
Are the paparazzi single attractive females? If so I may not need to run.

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