Meet YC’s November CJ Student of the Month

posted in Criminal Justice on November 13th, 2015

amber 2

Amber Reynolds – YCCC’s Criminal Justice Student of the Month

You are a super student and getting ready to graduate in May so it seems hard to believe but you didn’t start out at YCCC as a Criminal Justice major. What made you decide to join the program?

Right! I didn’t start out as a CJ Major and it took me a while to switch over. I never thought going to college was something I was going to ever do, so when I came to YCCC general courses was what I was focusing on. I had an open elective and took Criminology and it opened my eyes to something I never thought I would be as  interested in as I am now. I tossed around the idea, what would I do with a CJ degree, what interested me, after attending many CJ Club meetings and continuing CJ courses I finally made the switch.

What class has been your favorite so far and which class are you looking forward to taking this year? 

My favorite class so far was Ethics & Leadership in CJ, with you. It’s been my favorite so far because there is so much information to absorb and it’s done in a real life, situational way. A class where your discretion and ethical stand point are the main concept. We discuss the chapter,  we were given situations and told respond as we would in the real world and most importantly, those responses were discussed. If someone hasn’t taken this course yet, I highly suggest you do so. The class I’m most looking forward this year is  Police Community Relations because as we’ve all seen, more recently, there is a problem in some areas, there isn’t a relationship between the police and the community and I believe that is something important that needs to be restored.

You are getting ready for an internship this spring at the Wells Police Department. What are you most excited about?

I am excited that I am going to be able to see almost every part of the department, all of the components from patrol, to going to court, to filing papers. I am still unsure of what exactly it is that I want to do after I graduate and I am hoping that this internship helps me decide, so until then I’m excited to get my feet wet.

You have some serious baking skills based on all of the treats you brought in for the CJ Club bake sale! Do you have any other hidden talents?

Why thank you! As far as other hidden talents I would have to say that I don’t. Although, not only can I bake sweet treats but other amazing food as well. I took culinary classes for 2 years and grew up in the kitchen. I was determined for a long time to be a chef but decided that cooking is something I like to do for fun, with my own rules and recipes, not with someone watching my every stir (haha).

If you could design a course for the CJ program what would it be?

I would have a course that focuses on a different area of the CJ field every week, giving students (like myself) an idea of the endless possibilities. Each week would be a certain area of the field, the professor would give an overview lecture on the specific area and then the students would conduct a mini research project on that area, based on their interests and share with the class, discuss and so forth. I just think that this would allow students to get a better idea on what they like, dislike and what they want to learn more about.

Any final shout outs or words of wisdom to share?

Don’t give up. Set a goal and don’t stop until you make it. Determination and motivation are important but remember to
always take care of yourself; physically, emotionally and mentally. Also, don’t become discouraged if you’re not sure what you want to do after school, you’ll figure it out.