Attn YCCC Students! Tonight, Thursday, November 12th at 7pm join in on Playlist BINGO! ALL YCCC students welcome. $50.00 Amazon e-gift cards will be sent to all (4) winners! Must be a current YCCC student to win.

All of the same BINGO rules apply except with Playlist Bingo, instead of numbers being called out songs are played and participants have to know who sings those songs, and if they do, they mark off that artist on their Virtual Playlist Bingo card on their computer, tablet or mobile device!

Every genre of Music is included in Playlist Bingo. Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Modern, Classics, Slow jams, Boy Bands, Divas…there is something for everybody!!

To get started, simply click on the following link from your computer or mobile device anytime between 6:30-7pm on Thursday, November 12th and let the games begin!