For Guidance Counselors

While helping  students navigate the Admissions process at YCCC here are some helpful things to know:

1. YCCC uses the Accuplacer scores to gauge College Readiness. If a student has already taken the Accuplacer then those scores can be submitted to the Admission Office with the application.  If the student has not yet been tested please have the student schedule an appointment with the YCCC Admissions office to do so.

 Elementary Algebra  75
 Reading  68
 Sentence Skills  74
 Write Placer  6

2. There are three possible waivers from having to take the Accuplacer Math and English placement test:

    1. Math scores 530+ (< 3 years old)
    2. Critical Reading scores 480+ (<5 years old )
    1. Math score of 22+ (< 3 years old)
    2. English score of 22+ (<5 years old)
    1. College English Course (C or better)
    2. College Math Course (C or better)**

**If the math is over three years old it will be transferred in, but the student will need to take Accuplacer if there are any math classes to complete their degree.

3.  YCCC has Articulation Agreements with many secondary schools in the region.

4. YCCC has many partnerships and agreements with 4-year institutions throughout New England.

For more information call 207.216.4406 or email