YCCCWrites – Happening TODAY!

posted in Student Life on May 5th, 2016

YCCCWritesYCCCWrites, a campus-wide “Write-In” event sponsored by the Learning Center is a happening TODAY, May 5th from 10 noon to 4 pm in the Mid-cafe!

YCCCWrites is an International Write-In event where YCCC students, faculty, and staff join writers around the world in a day dedicated to writing. At YCCCWrites, YCCC writers come together to write on whatever projects they may have – including, but not limited to, essays, stories, reports, poems, articles, books. Writing support from the Learning Center staff is available for those who want it. The event fosters camaraderie, combats procrastination, promotes parallel work and reveals how central writing is what we all do at YCCC.

A few computers will be available in the Mid-cafe, but we encourage you to bring laptops (and headphones) if you have them. snacks and refreshments for participants!

Join us!