Career Studies

Associate in Applied Science

If your educational and occupational goals don’t quite fit in any other program, YCCC’s Career Studies program may be for you. Career Studies prepares students with significant work and learning experiences for a broad range of career fields. Built on a foundation of general education courses, this path can create and enhance your education opportunities.

Quick Facts
  • Program tracks

    In person

  • Estimated degree completion time

    4 semesters, 60 credits

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A Careers Studies degree path is highly customizable to each student’s goals and interests. Students complete 21 general education credits; remaining credits are electives and a career-related cluster chosen by the student.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills in professional settings.
  • Recognize and apply appropriate terminology within a chosen area of specialization.
  • Describe ethical and responsible behavior relative to the chosen career field.
  • Recognize the value of diversity in opinions, values, abilities, and cultures of colleagues and customers in a professional workplace.
  • Apply problem-solving skills and quantitative analysis using technology relative to the area of specialization.
  • Utilize appropriate information resources to gather and disseminate technical information within the chosen career field.
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An associate’s career studies degree shows employers that you value higher education. It increases your earning potential in many positions. And it serves as a platform of accomplishment to pursue additional education at a four-year institution or in a field of technology.

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