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Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary

Free Workforce Training

The Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary training program prepares Certified Dental Assistants or Registered Dental Hygienists to become more valuable team members in their office by being competent and confident in a full range of reversible procedures as prescribed by the Statutes of the State of Maine under Direct Supervision.

The course is a total of 244 hours of instruction using two modalities. 64 hours will be spent in pre-clinical instruction in YCCC’s Dental Lab using lecture format and hands-on articulated typodont work at the bench. Additionally, students will complete 180 hours of externship in their own dental office with a sponsoring dentist.

Students who successfully complete all required hours and the final exam are eligible to apply for their EFDA license with the State of Maine Dental Board.

The Lecture and Pre-clinical Instruction Module:
The lecture and pre-clinical laboratory instruction modules of the course (64 hours) are scheduled for 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, every other Friday and online via Brightspace. Students should anticipate an average of at least 8-12 hours of homework in between in-person sessions.
The student’s sponsoring dentist is required to participate in the program’s didactic and laboratory component which primarily involves assisting the program instructors with one-on-one lab supervision and evaluation of the students in laboratory bench activities. This is in the Dental Laboratory at York County Community College’s Wells campus. The time commitment for each sponsoring dentist will be at least one ½ day Friday session/per student in the program.

The Clinical Instruction Module:
Each sponsoring Dentist is also responsible for the direct supervision of their own student(s) during the clinical instruction training module of the program at their office. Each restoration completed by the EFDA student will have a signed record that the dental examiners will need to check. The clinical phase will last approximately 8 weeks and be up to 180 hours in length.

Quick Facts
  • Now Accepting Applications

  • August 30 – December 6, 2024 (Fridays 8am-4pm)

    Session 1 - 8/30/24
    Session 2 - 9/13/24
    Session 3 - 9/27/24
    Session 4 - 10/11/24
    Session 5 -10/25/24
    Session 6 - 11/1/24
    Session 7 - 11/15/24
    Session 8 - 12/6/24

  • Eligibility Requirements

    · Maine Resident
    · High school diploma or equivalent
    · At least 18+ before the start of the training
    · Proof of Certified Dental Assistant or Registered Dental Hygienist
    · Proof of Maine Dental Radiographer Licensure
    - Proof of immunization for Hepatitis B
    - May not have previously used Maine Jobs & Recovery Funding for training course.

This training program is FREE for those who qualify (including textbooks and certifications). Funding is generously provided through the Harold Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine's Workforce and the Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan to provide customized workforce training grants to Maine residents, with delivery through YCCC and Maine’s other community colleges.

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