Leadership Certificate


The Leadership Certificate is designed to prepare students for leadership positions and to help students pursue advancement to leadership positions in their current occupation. Students learn the theory and practice of leadership in relation to organizational management, communication, human resources, and ethical and legal concerns. Courses will expose students to the real-world implications of leadership decisions and the importance of effective leaders to all segments of society. In depth case studies are used to explore the exercise of leadership in response to the challenges confronting leaders. The course content provides students with the knowledge and skill to assume a position of leadership in any private sector business, public sector agency, or non-profit organization.

You'll learn how to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of leadership development and the knowledge and skills needed to become a leader.

  • Recognize ethical and just leadership decisions consistent with fiduciary duties and responsibilities.

  • Explain the theories, types, and styles of leadership practiced in contemporary social structures.

  • Apply the principles of leadership to effective decision making at any level of an organizational structure.

  • Explain the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership.

  • Know how to engage in interpersonal communication and management of information systems to establish and maintain effective leadership.

  • Develop productive relationships with superiors, subordinates, and peers consistent with being recognized and accepted as a leader.

  • Analyze challenges inherent in leading and identify credible methods that result in viable, productive and legitimate outcomes.

Quick Facts
  • Program Track


  • Estimated Certificate Completion Time

    One Year - 18 Credits

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A Leadership Certificate provides students a valuable credential when seeking entry level employment in any field. Graduates present a broad range of knowledge and understanding that makes them competitive for positions and demonstrates the desire and ability to advance in their chosen career. Courses prepare students for team leader roles, supervisor roles, management roles, and any role requiring responsible, decision-making capability.

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