Precision Manufacturing Training Package

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Are you ready to advance your skillset in the manufacturing industry? Here is your chance in a flexible, self-paced learning environment. Students can choose one or more of the following offerings:

MEASUREMENT FUNDAMENTALS: This course will introduce the student to the fundamentals of linear and angular measurement. Students will learn to measure a variety of parts produced in a manufacturing environment using both fractional and decimal measuring equipment. Students will prove competency in basic measurement practices though a series of shop exercises.

INTRO TO TOOLING: This course will introduce the student to the world of tooling and tool holding as it applies to the machining process. Students will learn to select the appropriate tooling and tool holders for a wide variety of applications. Students will also learn to calculate the correct spindle speed and depth of cut for a selection of cutters and metals. Hands-on exercises will reinforce theory behind speeds, feeds, and tool selection in a machine shop environment.

MANUAL MILLING & HOLE MAKING: This course is intended to teach the fundamental principles of hole-making and manual knee mill operations. Students will learn the use of both a drill press and manual mill and will practice skills associated with this equipment in a machine shop environment.

CNC MILL G&M CODE BASICS: This course will teach the basics of Computer Numeric Control (CNC) programming for 3-axis mill applications. Students will learn to write CNC programs using G&M code, tool-pathing, canned cycles, and troubleshooting. Course content will reinforce concepts of safety, shop math, and tooling usage. Students will employ these skills in a machine shop environment.

BASIC MANUAL LATHE OPERATIONS: This course will introduce the student to the usage of the manual engine lathe. Students will complete a series of shop exercises to master skills required for the creation of outside diameters, internal features, and basic threads. Students will complete a class project to demonstrate competency in the safe manufacture of precision parts on the manual lathe.

CNC LATHE G & M CODE BASICS: This course will introduce students to the subject of G&M programming as it relates to 2-axis CNC turning centers. Students will learn programming structure, tool-pathing, and canned cycles specific to the CNC lathe. Students will complete a series of shop exercises to develop skills and prove competency in the subject area.

Training will take place online and in our open-lab environment with guidance from our experienced instructors.

Quick Facts
  • Coming Soon - Dates & Times TBA

    Training will be hybrid and held both online and at YCCC’s Sanford Instructional Site.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    - Maine Resident
    - High school diploma or equivalent
    · At least 18+ before the start of the training

This training program is FREE for those who qualify and is funded by Maine Quality Center.

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