I have been teaching human service related courses at York County Community College for seventeen years and my favorite part is definitely the connection with students. The small class sizes and emphasis on interactive advising mean that by the time a student earns their degree I’ve had the opportunity to really get to know them. This relationship fosters a cohesive classroom atmosphere and also allows me to work with each student as they begin to think about next steps, whether that involves furthering their education or heading right into their career. It’s amazing to meet a student in their first introductory course and then see them walk across the stage to receive their diploma a few years later. So many students start off not really sure what they want to study, but then they start taking courses, begin to understand what they are passionate about, and turn that passion into specific goals. It’s an amazing process to be part of!

The other piece that I love about working at YCCC is the holistic focus. Each student is seen as a whole person and we care about everything that impacts their ability to be here and learn. That might involve referring them to free counseling services, suggesting that they visit the campus food pantry, or setting them up with virtual tutoring. Being part of an educational system that prioritizes well-being is very important to me. I feel supported and cared for here and I want students to as well.

I have to admit that this time of year is really bittersweet for me as we get closer to graduation. I am excited for each student that has reached their goal but also truly do miss them when they leave!