YCCC is pleased to welcome Mike Lovejoy to the YCCC Team to lead our new Electrician Technology Program.

Lovejoy is a State of Maine licensed Master Electrician with more than thirty years in the field. He has served as a tradesman, business owner, electrical inspector, and student.

What made you decide you wanted to teach?
After being in the industry for more than thirty years, and an employer for better than twenty years, I have a lot to offer. I have employed several students from other programs over the years and feel I have something to add. Hopefully, my experience will help give YCCC students access to many exciting opportunities.

What is the most interesting job you have ever done?
It is not possible to specify just one. Over the years I have had many exciting opportunities from working with customers of many nationalities, backgrounds, and lifestyles…. from presidents to new homeowners, to yachts that stop in port with an electrical issue, manufacturing to
industrial, agricultural, and so on.

What would you tell your 20-something self about the electrical field that you wish someone had told you about?
I would not change anything. I would tell students to know their value, do not shy away from new or challenging projects. Every job you perform builds a “tool chest” and adds to your knowledge base. The electrical industry is vast with many exciting opportunities, one of the most interesting to me is the design-build projects. To build the job effectively you need to know and understand the entire operation and that can be challenging.

What is the most satisfying part of this work?
I have always enjoyed walking into a situation that has created a problem for someone and being able to restore function and give them some sense of relief. Electricity is not always easy to understand and the many issues that come about can be challenging.

Why should someone get into this field?
This field of work is extremely exciting and rewarding. A person can work in a well-established area such as residential or commercial wiring or any number of new and exciting industries including solar, wind, building information modeling (BIM) Smart homes, Hydro generation and so on.

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