This course is currently the only approved NACP training in the State of Maine.

The York County Community College (YCCC) Behavioral Health Studies and Criminal Justice Programs are happy to announce that the new interdepartmental course, Introduction to Victim Advocacy, has received approval from the National Advocate Credentialing Program (NACP) for their basic introductory level training for advocates certificate. Students that successfully complete the course will be eligible, at minimum, for the NACP Provisional Credential, but potentially at a higher level of Credentialing based upon their verifiable field experience. This class is currently the only approved NACP training in the State of Maine.

Credentialing offers many benefits to those in the victim assistance field.  They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Enhanced recognition, credibility and mobility in the victim assistance field.
  • Promotion and acknowledgement of a standardized minimum of forty (40) hours of pre-service training and encouragement of thirty-two (32) hours of continuing education every two years.
  • Professional identification with a group whose common ground is victim services and whose members abide by a Professional Code of Ethics for Victim Service Professionals.
  • Credentials are renewable every two years and may be upgraded.
  • Credentialed advocates may request an indication of a “Specialty” on their credential (Comprehensive, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Homicide, Campus Advocacy or Program Management) supported by documented specialty training.
  • Credentialed advocates may use the designation “CA” after their names. (adapted from NACP website).

The collaboration between departments is a wonderful opportunity for our behavioral health students to better understand the criminal justice system, our criminal justice students to better understand the effects of victimization, and professionals to receive certification in the field.

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