This April, York County Community College (YCCC) proudly joins institutions across the nation to celebrate Community College Month. This month allows all of us to highlight and reflect on the contributions community colleges make to educate future leaders, to develop the workforce, partner with industry, and positively impact the community.

The United States Department of Education estimates that by 2027, 70% of jobs will require education or training beyond high school. This estimate means that the education needed to sustain our communities must be affordable and accessible to all.  York County Community College believes that learning is transformative and that every student path is unique. Our college aims to meet the growing need for an educated and skilled workforce by creating short-term industry specific trainings to get people into workforce to re-aligning and developing in demand academic programs when more than a short-term training is needed. YCCC also partners with four year institutions as well as business and industry to create seamless pathways to provide students a smooth transition from YCCC to their desired destination.  

While we believe the College’s work to re-imagine the educational experience is noteworthy, we would be remiss in not acknowledging that community colleges across the country are working hard to help residents in their own communities just like we are in York County. Community colleges are open access institutions with multiple pathways because they are designed to help as many people as possible, with as few barriers as possible, so that anyone can pursue an education.

“We are deeply committed to our mission of developing an educated, skilled, and adaptable workforce that meets the evolving needs of our economy. By empowering our students with the knowledge, skills, and resilience to succeed, we are not only driving socioeconomic mobility but also creating economic prosperity for our students and entire community.” said Dr. Michael Fischer, President at YCCC.  “Together, we are building a brighter future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our shared prosperity.”

YCCC offers comprehensive educational pathways that include short-term training, industry credentials, one year certificates, and associate degrees designed to develop graduates ready for the next steps in their lives.

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