In recognition of the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic making its impact on the State of Maine, and in memory of all the Mainers who COVID-19 impacted, York County Community College (YCCC) is pleased to announce The Fearless ME Scholarship. This full-tuition scholarship will be offered annually to one recipient that has displayed a commitment to our community, helping others, and overcoming obstacles.

The establishment of the scholarship was inspired by the courage and determination shown by Mainers during the Covid-19 public health crisis as noted by President Fischer, “They say the only thing with more resources than Maine is Mainers themselves. That has never been more true than over the past year. Throughout the COVID Pandemic, we persisted, we overcame, we pushed forward, and we were FEARLESS when it came to helping others and helping our communities.”

This Fearless ME scholarship also reflects the evolution the College has gone through during the past year. President Fischer assumed leadership of the Wells-based Community College in early 2020, and shortly thereafter commissioned a rebranding of the College to better articulate its value as a higher education destination of choice within the Maine Community College System. Their adopted tagline, Find the Fearless You originated as both an internal and external call to action. Once the Covid-19 epidemic hit the State and nation, Find the Fearless You emerged as an even more relevant aspirational call to action for resilience amid the public health crisis.

To learn more about the Fearless ME scholarship and how to apply contact YCCC at 207-216-4409.