​York County Community College (YCCC) is honored to announce that it has received the Higher Education Innovation (HEI) 2022 Institutional Award for Entrepreneuring Excellence.  The award was presented to YCCC President, Dr. Michael Fischer at the 2022 HEI Presidents Conference which was held in Waco Texas. on October 11, 2022.

“It is an honor to accept the Higher Education Innovation Institutional Award for Entrepreneuring Excellence.” said YCCC President, Michael Fischer “The award is a testament to the work our staff, faculty, and adjuncts are doing to reimagine higher education to better serve our students, businesses, and our community.”

The 2022 conference theme was, “Reinventing and Reenergizing Higher Education in the Covid Age and Beyond,” Now more than ever college leaders recognize the need to transform their institutions.  As we begin to emerge from the darkest days of the pandemic and adjust to the “new normal,” this conference focused on the truly entrepreneurial concepts and innovative practices that are being successfully implemented in our colleges and universities all across the nation.

“Because higher education is in crisis and so many colleges are closing or merging, new and radical transformation is required in order for colleges and universities to not only survive but thrive.” said Dr. Mary Darden – President of HEI “Few colleges are able and/or willing to do the extreme work required. However, some do. YCCC has embraced entreprenuering and has successfully done the difficult work to not only sustain their institution in these difficult times but allowed it to thrive.”

About HEI: HEI is an innovative, entrepreneurial company that combines research, proven methods and best practices, and calls upon a stable of successful professionals to affordably assist colleges in making the critical pivots that are essential to move an institution from survive to thrive. FM visit heisuccess.com

PHOTO CREDIT (Left to Right): Cait Grant – YCCC Director of Economic and Workforce Development, Dr. Jay Box – HEI Chief Leadership Innovation Officer, Dr. Mary Darden – HEI President, Dr. Michael Fischer – YCCC President and Dr. Jennifer Laney – YCCC Dean of Students