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Liberal Studies

Associate in Arts

Pave the way for your liberal arts education. The Liberal Studies Associate degree is designed to help you pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university. This program is available completely online. Program requirements derive from the Maine Community College System–University of Maine System Block Transfer, but also generally transfer to public and private colleges within and outside of Maine.​

Quick Facts
  • Program tracks


  • Estimated degree completion time

    4 semesters, 61 credits

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Liberal Studies courses emphasize the general education requirements needed to complete a four-year degree. Students have the freedom to create a custom schedule from YCCC’s general education core offering. These classes emphasize writing and communication, social sciences, diversity and cultural knowledge. Classes are available in-person or online.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and ethically in writing and speaking.
  • Use fundamental concepts of mathematics to solve problems and interpret quantitative data.
  • Apply the scientific method by observing phenomena, developing hypotheses, implementing experiments, and evaluating results.
  • Interpret and evaluate meaning from aesthetic, philosophical, ethical, literary, and/or multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • Analyze and use information resources in an ethical manner.
  • Demonstrate global awareness and knowledge of diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, cultures, and orientations.
  • Demonstrate competence to use technology as a tool in communication, research, and quantitative analysis.
  • Analyze factors, including culture, that shape behavior and social structures.
  • Use ethical concepts to evaluate issues and make ethical decisions.
  • Analyze and evaluate artistic and creative forms of expression.
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Liberal arts graduates are suited to pursue careers in several fields, including, but not limited to communication, business, art, social work, teaching, and research.

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