Brendan Mather, a freshman at York County Community College, can go the distance. A distance runner for most of his track and field career, and currently the school record holder for the Mile at 5:23.60, he has been a tremendous boon to our team’s overall competitiveness. Brendan is also a standout on the cross country team for the Hawks. Off the competitive surfaces, Brendan enjoys good pasta and being with his dogs.

Brendan has been a staple of our team since the very beginning. He is someone I can always count on to give it his all, the kind of guy who will go until he has nothing left to give. I know when the gun goes off and the race starts that Brendan is going all out and yet still he’s going to find a way to muster the strength for an amazing kick at the end. I love his tenacity and I am always amazed at how he can just run for days without ever getting tired.

Coach Clement

This is what Brendan had to say

When did you first start running in Track and Field?

I first started running track and field in 4th grade.

What is your favorite thing about YCCC so far?

I love the community here. It seems like everyone is trying to lift each other up.

What is your favorite class at YCCC?

My favorite class so far has been the ethics class. It helped me look at things through a different lens, and will help the way I assess situations in the future.

How have you balanced athletics with academics here at YCCC?

Because I am entirely online this semester, I am in charge of my own schedule. This truly is helpful as I can control what times I get to do my daily run or when I can begin my schoolwork for the day.

Do you have any pets?

I have two dogs named Tucker and Sophie. They are a chocolate lab and golden retriever respectively.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is probably steak tips and pasta.

Who is your hero or mentor?

I don’t really have a hero or mentor. I look at where I am and where I want to be and use that as motivation to be better.

Contributed by Coley Hatt