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Front-of-House Workshop

A Workshop Designed to Empower New Hotel Employees

Welcome to The Front-of-House Workshop, a comprehensive program designed to empower new hotel and restaurant workers with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in the hospitality industry. This workshop is tailored to enhance your ability to create unforgettable guest experiences and deliver outstanding service.

First Impressions Matter: Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere
In this session, we will delve into the significance of making a positive first impression on guests. You will master key elements such as greeting, body language, verbal language, active listening, and personal presentation. By mastering the Art of the Welcome, you will ensure that every moment with your guests is memorable.

Exceptional Customer Service: Creating Unforgettable Experiences
Exceptional customer service goes beyond meeting expectations; it anticipates the desires and needs of guests. In this session, you will learn practical skills and techniques to provide personalized and unforgettable experiences to every guest. Discover how the power of anticipatory service can elevate your hospitality game to new heights.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Guest Service Recovery
Guest recovery situations are opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to exceptional service. In this session, you will develop strategies to effectively handle challenging scenarios while turning potential negatives into positive experiences. By practicing emphatic listening and utilizing the HEART Method, you will foster guest loyalty and create lasting impressions.

Teamwork: The Key Ingredient for Outstanding Service
Teamwork plays a vital role in delivering exceptional service. In this session, you will understand how collaboration, trust, and synergy can enhance service experiences. Through interactive activities and insightful discussions, you will gain effective teamwork skills to strengthen your hospitality team and elevate service standards.

Join us on a transformative journey where you will sharpen your hospitality skills, unlock your potential, and become a true master of the art of hospitality. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave a lasting impact on every guest encounter.


Quick Facts
  • Now Accepting Applications

  • May 14, 2024 from 8AM - Noon
    May 20, 2024 from Noon- 4PM

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Maine Resident
    High school diploma or equivalent
    At least 18+ before the start of the training
    May not have previously used Maine Jobs & Recovery Funding for training course.

  • This workshop will be held in-person on our Wells, Maine campus.

This training program is FREE for those who qualify. Funding is generously provided through the Harold Alfond Grant and the Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan to provide customized workforce training grants to Maine residents, with delivery through YCCC and Maine’s other community colleges.

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Meet the Instructor

Krista Marvel: Lecturer in Hospitality Management

Krista is is currently a Hotel and Hospitality Faculty Lecturer within the Peter T. Paul School of Business at the University of New Hampshire. Previously she served as an Associate Professor in hospitality, tourism, and the culinary arts here at YCCC, where she built and chaired the Hospitality & Tourism Management program between 2017 and 2020. She has taught extensively at both York County Community College and the University of Southern Maine, writing and delivering courses in business management, event planning, guest services, culinary arts, wine and beverage management, and innovation in hospitality.

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